A journey towards digitization

The path is marked by new technologies, led by a highly prepared team to start a journey together.

Disruptive products

Kiri was born 8 years ago from the hand of exceptional and disruptive products. We created and launched the first mobile platform to transmit operations in real time between commercial agents and distribution centers.

Currently, Retail and Logistics represent markets in vibrant expansion in LATAM.

These are our products to have a significant and transformative presence that these markets.

Actualmente, el Retail y la Logística representan mercados en vibrante expansión en LATAM. 

Estos son nuestros productos para tener una presencia significante y transformadora eso estos mercados.

Business builders

Our team has Foundational and Launching Experience of companies from scratch. This involves the creation and development of its products, the assembly of its policies, internal procedures and the layout of processes.

Product and service development

If what is proposed is not as large as an entire company, we develop specific products or services for an area or division of a company, or to accompany an internal innovation process.

Software factory

Sometimes only a small innovation is needed, or a specific development to accompany a product or service in operation, but providing dynamism and efficiency. Custom development is the answer.

How can this be possible?

These are some of the projects we were involved in. Some saw the light of day, others a glow, others recycled themselves into new products.


A game-changing sales platform.


A safer tool for scaling education.


Franchise Consultant.


Comprehensive government management.

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